Exhibition SpacesOur display boards and display walling systems are used to enable art shows, events and exhibition spaces.

Our large fabric display boards are ideal for poster displays, art shows and partitions as they provide a large versatile surface area to work with.

The panels are covered in a black  fabric material called front runner (much like carpet), which is hook velcro, thumb tac and staple compatible material .

The board hire includes installation onsite and we can install the display boards to create seamless walls, self supported without legs, or they can be  individually on legs to create a horizontal or vertical display panel – ideal for poster and art displays!

Brisbane based, our hire & install service covers the greater South-East Queensland and we have a wide range of board panel sizes and large quantities to suit any display or event.

You can contact us via phone or email, or complete the form below if you want to place an order.

Looking to create display walls? View our display panel layout guide to plan for your display.

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